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The Vanishing Act - Sea Turtles of Ada | Showing 1 Nov, 9pm GTV

This programme investigates the plight of marine sea turtles on the beaches of Ada in the Greater Accra Region. These endangered species are now easy prey to poachers and traffickers. How can Ghana effectively protect its wildlife and endangered species?



Bats of 37 - Ahieving Ecological Balance in the City | Showing Mon 8 Nov, 9pm GTV

Around the 37 Military Hospital in Accra is a colony of bats that has survived the transformations within the city for many decades. Most people we interviewed found them a nuisance.
The programme explores how useful they are to the city and its environment and discusses  the difficult task of  achieving  ecological balance in Ghanaian cities.



Electronic Waste Menace | Showing Mon 15 Nov, 9pm GTV

The ever-growing demand for the latest electronic items such as fashionable mobile phones, flat screen television sets or super-fast computers has created ever larger amounts of obsolete electronics that are often laden with toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and brominate flame retardants. Rather than being safely recycled, much of this e-waste are dumped.